Why are we still arguing about the vaccine?

Why are we still arguing about the vaccine?

It’s a shame. I can understand at the start when we didn’t know much, and day-in-day-out main stream news was pumping COVID horror stories (sigh, they still are). People were understandably scared, worried, some simply fed up and just hoping the nightmare would end. Vaccines to some were either their ticket out, their idea of doing it for the greater good, or sadly, feeling forced to keep their job.

Yet as time has passed evidence keeps mounting that the vaccine is not all it’s touted to be. We know this, they know this, but the frenzied push to get the jab, the continued division and arguments remain…. Why? What’s the point anymore if speaking in terms of mortality, vaccinated vs unvaccinated outcomes are the same, at least in Canada (according to statistics it appears death rates are slightly higher for vaccinated). Including, breakthrough rates are rising due to the vaccine waning which according to Israel is at a rate of every two months, peaking at about 4-6 months.

Canada: Between Oct 23rd - Oct 30th, 2021: There were 1,628 more breakthrough cases vs unvaccinated cases. There was a 107 deaths, of those 43% vaccinated | 57% unvaccinated. Overall since vaccines were introduced in 12/2020, survival rate for vaxxed: 98.7% | unvaxxed: 98.9% and hospitalizations: vaxxed: 5.1% | unvaxxed: 5.5%. By population, COVID has so far accounted for 0.03% of deaths in 2021.

Tue, 16 Nov 2021
EP #144 | Covid19: What is Plan B? Plan A for the pandemic was to put all hopes in the vaccines. The vaccines are not the cure all that was hoped for, and now it is clear that we need a Plan B that includes treatment, prevention and a cost/benefit analysis of the steps taken to day.

They say, when people realize they’ve been scammed, they go through emotions such as denial, anger, and depression.

  • Denial – they’re in disbelief, some will even try to get you to buy into the scam. They’ll be angry when you refuse… lashing out at others, then finally anger at themselves, to a full blown meltdown…
  • Depression, anxiety, even PTSD – when they finally accept what has happened. How could this happen, they ask? They trusted that person/company/govt. They feel lost, hopeless, depressed, scared to answer the door/phone or trust again. It’s awful, and more so when the stakes were high.

In all facets no matter what the goal is, we are more susceptible:
🔸 When we are worried
🔸 When we are too busy
🔸 When we are lured by money
🔸 When we want to help others
🔸 When we feel all alone
🔸 When we’re too nice
🔸 When we let our guard down
Sadly familiar…

It’s not to say that COVID isn’t real, it is, I also believe it comes from a lab like SARS-2003 ( which also originated from a lab in China. Dr. Tam). The scam is how the Gov’t has dealt with it. So when time comes and the vale has finally lifted, I hope we are kind and understanding. It’s been an emotional roller coaster, which I hope will end sooner than later as we are now witnessing high profile figures subtly trying to wipe their hands clean, case/death rates increasing despite high vaccination, pharma looking at pills/nasal-sprays/lozenges instead, MSM discussing “endemic”, people quitting their jobs in droves (both groups), lack or delays of essential services which is causing more harm than good, parents turning away from vaccinating their child, both groups fed up of rules still in place, more coming to terms/realizing they can still get seriously ill despite double shots – leading more, and rightly so to question the boosters entirely.

FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA request over vaccine data

– Gee, that’s comforting 😳 …it is not just the vaccine maker that is now finding itself faring in hot waters; The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US is also facing the same stumbling block, which has lately come under extensive scrutiny for giving its approval to the vaccine despite glaring discrepancies.

FDA under fire for Pfizer approval: The FDA is now facing a lawsuit filed by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT), a group of doctors and scientists who were earlier denied access to the documents in its possession, tied to the approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

In response, the FDA told a federal judge on November 15, that it had possession of 329,000 pages and it would be able to release a maximum of 500 pages per month after thorough perusing and redactions. At that rate, FDA will require 55 years to fully release the documents in question.

Aaron Siri, whose firm is representing PHMPT in the lawsuit, wrote in a blog post on November 17, that “the FDA’s promise of transparency is, to put it mildly, a pile of illusions.” The fact that the FDA took a mere 108 days in giving Pfizer covid vaccine its stamp of approval makes its intentions even more dubious. –tfiglobalnews

How long can they keep this going? Well, they’re already talking about another pandemic.. Small pox, bird flu, anything, hoping something will grab, so they can move to the next. If those don’t work to scare you, believe that a new mutant variant worse than all will come out (miraculously they may even say they have a new vaccine for it asap). Bottom line, how long will depend on the people. In life lessons, we all know, saying yes to everything, not standing up for yourself only leads to being taken advantage of. It’s okay, and imperative to question everything. Govt tried, they’ve lied, they’ve called us racist – “those people”, been caught fudging numbers, exaggerating certain deaths, caught with military propaganda — Every corner they take, they’re failing immensely, nothing has changed, or gotten better except they’ve gained more power and wealth… which has come at the expense of our mental health, health in general, property, business, and livelihoods.

Perhaps we can wake up and actually address a more pressing crisis – inflation, before we lose our homes! – Or maybe we need to brace ourselves as there are some very real tensions happening between other countries.

MSM tunnel vision is dangerous to our mental health, especially those partially funded by the gov’t. At the very least, diversify what you read and watch. Think outside of the govt narrative. Come on folks, deep down you know something feels off. Reach out, and shake that common sense out of slumber. Whatever you have decided with your own health is your choice, that’s okay & your personal business.. But no person or govt should be holding a gun to ones head to do something. Ever. Period. Stop the division. History has shown us the heartbreak of being part of a red-army is not worth it for either side. Let’s not forget this govt in particular has lied so much. Our PM himself has been through the ethics committee multiple times like it’s normal — it’s beyond frustrating to take his word for anything. So why are we?

Say what? … Health orders that limit gatherings for vaccinated people in part of BC extended indefinitely.
Keep the vaccines if that makes people feel more secure, but mandates must be abolished! Why isn’t the gov’t prioritizing those who are elderly & are sickly? Or focusing on obesity & basically a healthier lifestyle — instead they zeroed-in on locking down gyms & extra-curricular activities. Clearly we need a plan B. Forcing stringent rules/regulations/divisions, and a questionable vaccine is obviously NOT working.

Meanwhile in BC: Politicians explain away they have to fire unvaccinated nurses because it keeps YOU safer.

I woke up that morning thinking this was over. I’m not going to make it out of here. And I am pissed right off. Right? Then, I’ve been double vaccinated. Tested negative. Whole fricking hospital has had COVID … now I’m positive for COVID for Chrissakes,” she said in tears
Remember, nurses were already overworked, short-staffed, under-paid and stressed-out. Politicians and their political health “experts” beat it over our heads it was the unvaxxed filling up the beds. So what were they doing last year? – same I guess, considering the govt was the culprit at that time for delayed appointments & surgeries due to strict lock-downs. People died waiting. Fast-forward, we still have restrictions and they’re firing much needed front-line workers, knowing full well the vaccinated can still get sick too, and when they do – they have to quarantine. The result? We end up with a horror story such as this poor lady. At one point @ RIH 19 patients and 7 staff had COVID (after mandates were in effect). It’s nonsensical, and causing a horrendous domino affect. At least Ontario and Quebec backed off this decision knowing short-staffing would harm their citizens much more. In Quebec, front-line workers fought for it — together. To reiterate: How long will this last? As long as the people allow it.
🙄 so far fetched, right? Maybe?
#StandUpCanada you’ll never take your life back until you do, whether vaccinated or not, COVID will never go away and I’m doubtful the majority of you want to live in constant fear, restrictions and forever known as “those people” until you take your next booster.

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