Omicron… Chillax!

Omicron… Chillax!

Weird, I just shared an opinion with two most notable thoughts:

– Subtle signs from prominent individuals to MSM indicate countries want to end this without actually saying it.
– Or! They’re trying to find another virus to scare the crap out of us. One I mentioned was a “new mutant variant worse than all will come out (miraculously they may even say they have a new vaccine for it asap)“. I didn’t expect that to come out so soon after I posted my thoughts….

I’m hopeful with inflation surging, talks of tension between other countries, climate craziness, and CCP-loving Liberals such as Canada’s #Justinflation wants to pull the brakes on all of this. It’s all too much! Let’s just hope the end is near.. this would be the easiest way out — it turns into a cold.

Canada doesn’t want blame. Thus, it might come from another passenger from Africa that gave it to the Canadian traveller, the passenger from Africa was wearing a mask that had a vent (that’s not good, the article goes on). Both passengers -due to mandates- were fully vaccinated.

However, they must still drone on – just incase, Fauci announced after being asked (“will people need boosters every 6 months?”), probably, people may have to booster intermittently (for the rest of our lives? 😱). On-top, even though more parents are backing away from child shots, Tam and Fauci are already discussing baby shots. Ay caramba! — To reiterate from my last post… How long will this last? As long as the citizens allow it. It’s time to move on….

– 26k+ adverse affects so far in Canada.
– 0.03% covid deaths attributed to the population Canada (2021).

Oct 30 – Nov 6 cases deaths
unvaxxed 4,253 119
vaxxed 5,475 188
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