Ever wonder why Main Stream News pumps out grim news. Headlines! Clicks! or maybe even because, GASP!, some are funded by the federal government. Do you ever question it? If you don’t, why not? The harm they cause to our emotional well being is an epidemic in itself.

Even though I probably see more news than the average joe, this got me thinking about my own emotional health just a couple of weeks ago. In the back of my mind is what MSM tells me, and in the front of my mind is my common sense (especially with science arguing back and forth about COVID). There are expert doctors – then there are other expert doctors. What makes one more expert than the other? (politics? money? connections?). And what happened to getting a doctors 2nd opinion? For most, all of that has flown out the window. The main culprits with no doubts in my mind – MSM & Politicians using FEAR to push their agenda!

Back to a couple of weeks ago.. it took over a year and a half to finally know someone “close” to me that contracted COVID (confirmed by the controversial test). Actually, quite a few people.. back to back – it was like Whoa! For one person it was my own grown-up unvaccinated child. And I tell you – the fear enveloped me. Even though he is a young healthy man – that nagging info from the constant fear barrage from main-stream news jumped to the front of my brain like a painful bolt! I panicked and my anxiety hit the roof!

I had to STOP & BREATHE (I think I drove my son crazy). Then I began literally repeating the survival statistics in my head like a bible to calm my brain.

Canada COVID stats

FYI, for his age group that’s 99.98% SURVIVAL. Thank God he blew through COVID like a short cold. A few headaches the first two days, a little congestion, runny nose – lasted about a week. He took his vitamins, a daily asprin (new for him), and all the normal things we do when we get sick.

I definitely got a taste of anxiety some people feel everyday – in a HUGE way. But for those not questioning the narrative – informing themselves through multiple sources – I can’t imagine the full scale of that anxiety on a daily basis! We know that depression is through the roof, suicides are up, overdoses are up, people have lost their livelihoods.. yet some refuse to add two & two together that the real reasons behind our anxiety is the gov’t, their lacky MSM and their constant daily fear-mongering and division.

The harm they cause to our emotional well being is an epidemic in itself

I once pointed out, if you don’t believe you are being brainwashed, why have we seen so many individuals driving in their vehicles, by themselves, with a mask on or how about those that wish death upon their fellow citizens because they didn’t take the vax – Jesus – China’s little red army rings a bell. There’s no denying the POWER of FEAR is real. Now imagine for just one second if the news also focused on the bright side too – the SURVIVORS that offer HOPE — Their stories! Millions of them. Nope, that wouldn’t work – they need fear to drive you to listen to them, lock you down, carry a tracker, stop you from seeing loved ones, & yes at one time hold us back on surgeries or Dr. appointments (yes, it wasn’t always about the “pandemic of the unvaxxed” – gaslight much?).., they further stress it’s patriotic, listen and we’ll give you candy (passports). Sounds like horrific emotional abuse to me.

Sounds like horrific emotional abuse to me.

Forged letter warning about wolves on the loose part of Canadian Forces propaganda campaign that went awry

You’ve heard of the fake pack of wolves in Nova Scotia right? A covert military exercise to see how the public would react to a wolf scare, they went so far as forging a gov’t letter head, using a loudspeaker of wolf calls… (see image). or how about subliminal messaging in commercials, honestly the list could go on. The truth is out there, manipulation is key to get what the govt/company wants. If you don’t believe that, and you still trust big companies, big governments.. did you fail history class?

I’d like to finish off by saying amongst those I know that got COVID, two adults got quite sick even though they were fully vaccinated. In one family, health care suggested their one child that had not been tested yet could still to go to school – even though the whole family had it. Mom of course said NO. The child was tested, and sure enough was positive. To even suggest going to school because there was no test “yet” is beyond me. Another person, also fully vaxxed – feeling only slightly under the weather, decided to delay her own test for a few days after finding out her roommate was positive, just so she could finish off her week in University – was positive afterall. Another, in his late 40’s, unvaccinated, felt almost nothing, and he quarantined himself at a hotel to protect his family. All of them survived through it. Though it has left me with more questions, especially with morals of some.