LOL. Don’t get me wrong – I’m voting for the platform too, but I admit, I’ve always been a conservative.. it’s not to say I wouldn’t vote another way if they shook my core enough to switch!

But after all the scandals, the soaring debt and his divisive nature I could never in my good conscience vote for Trudeau. That leaves me with the second largest party – Conservatives – as the “others” are just too far one way – we need some balance.

With Scheer (who by the way, I think was a good guy), and O’Toole –

there was just nothing about them that screamed — “Hell yeah, that’s my guy! Go team!”

I couldn’t put my-all into backing either of them. Scheer wasn’t confident enough (maybe a little too old school as well). Although he did great when debating in the house, outside he was meh. O’Toole tossed part of his base like a sack of trash. Which didn’t look good from the left or right side – why? Who trusts someone that blatantly lies and manipulates to get in. Sure, he covered his actions with, “we Conservatives can change – yay”… huh? We are already a diverse bunch. Some of us are concerned with Climate, diversity, gay rights, etc.. We are just more fiscally prudent, less risky maybe, not about forcing you, weigh our pros and cons intensely, and wish for a smaller gov’t – sounds like most households! Instead he pandered to the left, leaving himself looking no different than Trudeau’s party. HA. The loss wasn’t THAT surprising.

Two losses – a broken party – and 32% of Canadian voters willing to settle for the evil they already know…

It’s time for a leader that can unite us. He’s not predominantly left/right, just another Canadian that marches to the beat of his own drum, is steadfast, secure in himself, that just wants to see other Canadians get ahead! He has to be well spoken, strong enough to point out the bull crap – yet kind, speaks both English and French fluently, sees the East and West, and apparently to some Canadians it would help if he looks good too. Like a recent poster mentioned, and I fully agree – That man is Pierre Poilievre! Whatever happened with him stepping aside for Erin O’Toole – was an internal mistake, we all knew it. The Conservative party needs to stop being scared of their own shadow and embrace our clear differences with the “almost” far-left ideologies of the Trudeau liberals and just be ourselves. We are your average Canadian! We budget, we love our neighbours, we work hard, and we just want to enjoy life without gov’t overreach! (it would also help if we reviewed the election process itself and the seat imbalance).

At least we can all agree, this election was a colossal waste of time, and money! Perhaps our only silver lining is a new conservative leader we can all truly get behind!