To jab or not to jab.. govt wishy wash

To jab or not to jab.. govt wishy wash

On the heels of hearing the news that the vax will be required for travellers…

Yes, life is dynamic. They keep saying that to absolve all their choices. Personally, I don’t care what you’ve chosen. Bottom line, we can’t trust Justin Trudeau to tell us the truth about anything, from touching/yelling at women, spending our money, how many times he blackened his face, or, fill in the blanks, there’s so much dishonesty! Most politicians suck, right?.. but him and his party of college buddies takes the cake though!

I just find it amazing, it’s gone from if we vaccinate 70% we’ll be all good! — to pushing mandatory vaxx! As of today, 82% have received at least one shot, over 72% are fully vaccinated (they’re talking a 3rd shot though). Yet, we are on the edge for more lock-downs, masks.. travel bans. A 15th wave is coming!! 🤔 .. But then they tell us vaccinated people spread the virus just the same as unvaxxed.. worse, if the vax does help lessen symptoms (for some) – people will think they’re fine even when they’re contagious (that was a nurse’s thoughts!). But! They make sure to continue dividing by saying it’s all the fault of the unvaccinated. Meanwhile Trudeau was busy opening up the border as cases skyrocket in the states. So, NO, it’s the govt’s fault (it’s not you my fellow jabbed or not jabbed Canadians, you’ve done the best you can).

Let’s go back to the first screw up. My kids were already taking hand sanitizer everywhere they went a month and half before Trudeau hid in his cabin. I already purchased a freezer and filled it way before Canada put us through the roller coaster of wishy wash, and lies that they clamped down hard on closing the airports after calling us all racists. Lol

Everyone is angry. Canadians aren’t even.. Canadian anymore. It doesn’t matter what you believe, there’s in-fighting all over. Some vaxxed are super pissed they still have to wear a mask, or they took two different shots when the govt said.. “don’t worry it’s okay”. Now data says one brand is more effective against delta, but what if you took the other? So will you get more shots? When will the madness stop? When 100% are vaxxed, but somehow the disease will still spread. What then? Some universities are making it mandatory, care givers, federal employees, now flights… Are we covered for vaccine harm yet? Are the companies and the govt liable now if a loved one dies, or gets sick? Last I heard… Yes, somewhat, with a new Canadian vaccine injury compensation program…, but lets quote CTV (June/2021) "Details around the program have remained sparse since the government’s initial announcement in December 2020, prompting concerns from advocates and outrage from those adversely affected by COVID-19 vaccines." … then we move onto the govt’s website that states "The amount of financial support an individual will receive will be determined on a case by case basis. Amounts will be based on a pre-determined financial support payment framework. The framework will align with compensation provided under the Québec Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and informed by other public and private sector injury compensation practices." According to the Quebec program statistics (1988-2021), 53/287 claims have been approved, the program has paid out $6,792M. It’s interesting to note their footnote "During the 2009–2010 period, 5.7 million Quebecers received the influenza A(H1N1) vaccine, which could explain the increase in claims observed in the three years following the vaccination period observed increase in claims." , 2/64 claims were approved during that time. As far as I know the vaccine companies have washed their hands of any liability. Yet here we are… pushing for mandatory vax with what appears to be not much of a safety net.

You do you Canadians – I think it’s important to stop turning on each other though, and really stop and think about what our govt is doing instead. Stop watching MSM, talk to people, find your own news from multiple sources, and always question the narrative. We will get through this, but it doesn’t mean we should lay down and get trampled either. We all know what happens when we say YES to everything/everyone. I hope we can embrace our differences, see the bigger picture here; we are stronger collectively – believe you me, we don’t want complete govt control – we can live in harmony without it.

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