Even though I run a website that shares news, which entails automatic and manual updates. It gets to be sickening, especially in the conditions we are right now. I say

Take a breather! .. which I did.

As Canadians we have watched our gov’t flail around like twats trying to be woke, unwoke, more woke, screw up on vaccines, dodge scandals, impose ridiculous restrictions. Blame each other, then flail some more. We have watched our neighbour’s cities burn, people murdered, temporary “chaz” towns erected. Statues torn down, or vandalized. Oh my god. Is this really the world we can look forward to – the idea of radical leftism.


Take a breather!
Go outside, take off your mask when outside – B R E A T H!

When I see people driving around, by themselves with masks on – or people wearing masks walking down a lonely street with nobody in sight, all I can think of is, poor people, they are stuck with liberal biased Main Stream Media – if you didn’t believe how much they can brainwash you – think again. You do know, even though they fear-mongered you to death! They have quietly “tried” to backtrack and tell you – you don’t need a mask outside, but they will make sure to say – it’s okay if you want to though & wear one on TV.. for good measure? Cut that out!

B R E A T H!

I really hope we can recover from this, because right now in this seat, it sure looks like the only way out of this — is our own country? Far away from the crazies? Yeah, one can dream, but Kenney isn’t a shiny penny these days, BC is NDP, Ford is – I dunno, O’Toole is a disorganized mess, everything just seems insane, so where do we all go! So many are fighting for our freedoms – and it seems the crowds are getting larger. One day – we will owe them so much in thanks. Remember, a year ago, it was a crazy idea to invoke the Emergency Act – which was changed after the disastrous War Measures act Trudeau’s father initiated. So what’s the difference with what they have been doing as of late…. More people hate the police – business’ are shutting down everyday, some are forced to stay home, road checks, fines, people are dying of overdoses/delayed surgeries/violence. I don’t ever remember Canada – or some Canadians so gross to each other. We keep finding out how NON-transparent the govt’s have been. Please, just do yourself a favor

Take a breather!
Stop watching MSM
Stop and smell the roses
Embrace your family
Find your common sense again, it’s there, I know it!

PS. Today’s most shocking share? …

Go ahead, go look at the COVID numbers, I know you really want to…