Socialism has grown rampant due to lazy, entitled people…
I’ll be nice and also add; and because people are sick of the government and how much life is costing us! (good point)

But the backwards thought process to create a socialistic country, with BIG government is no better than living in the basement of your Mom’s house and she makes all the rules. Sure, you have your own space, your own door, you pay less, and feel independant — but you are not — she will always have the last word. And she can take it all away with the blink of an eye — you will never be equal with her.

But wait, isn’t that the point? — We all wish to be equal? But, meh — government has never been equal right?, so while MP’s make over 200k a year, they control our money, we just accept it. So let’s move on….

But we will be equal with everyone else though – people shout!!
We want free healthcare!
We want free schooling!
We want cheap housing!
We want more power!

And you may recieve. Which is awesome in the beginning, until the money starts to run out — healthy competition begins to wain – the gov’t will need more money, so they start taking control of property, because afterall, we are all equal, boring, entitled assholes, who can’t take care of ourselves. Like, what’s the point of studying hard to get a scholarship when everyone — including the idiot that sits behind you gets one too!

Just quit school already, you’ll still pass with flying colours.

This is the simplistic of terms I can summon. And for simple visuals on this point..

A goverment big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take it all away.

Liberal and Democratic’s alike around the world are pushing this agenda for more votes and more control — yet masking it with FREE — we love you — whether you wish to believe that or not. Their antics have created major division! I mean, why not, their promises are like free candy. (heh!) Nobody likes any goverments, they are all flawed! But this new era of “free”dom will strip your rights, shut you up, and turn your world upside down like you’ve never dreamed.

There are no countries in the world that actually fully implement Socialism, Capitalism, Communism. But some are close. Did you know? Inorder to pull their heads out of their economic asses, China had to lean towards some form of capitalism. There is great debate on where they sit now.. They want people to think they are Socialist, some think they are Leninist — but there is no denying their path leans to Communist.

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