Scheer locked out of meeting , Trudeau holds hands with Iranian foreign minister
  • Scheer 6,155,662 votes
  • Trudeau 5,915,950

Today Justin Trudeau decided to have an elite meeting with only those he felt somewhat agreed with him (more like he could sway to support him). He deliberately left out opposition leader Andrew Scheer to discuss future plans about the protestors. Trudeau effectively stated today that over 6 million Canadians do NOT matter. His reasoning was Scheer disqualified himself with his divisive speech [see below what Scheer said]. Jagmeet Singh further agreed with Trudeau adding, his speech was racist.

I don’t know about you, but everything Scheer said was the truth – and it sounded like he was supporting the Wet’suwet’en peoples that are for the agreement, and for Canadians that are temporarily laid off / can’t travel / or recieve goods and services.

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