You see the thing is… before you point your finger make sure it’s clean. It’s been crazy hell these last few years as the so called “woke” gained traction. Even though they ARE the minority, they are loud, annoying, and pushy. Politicians, companies, hollywood, and whoever had high ground caved to help them in their plight. Pandering to the voices, apologizing, firing their staff even. They literally dropped their balls, and paved the way for a mob mentality filled with people who will take, take and keep on taking. Didn’t our Mothers teach us, “Give an inch, they’ll take a mile”.

Soon enough that inch isn’t enough! And that’s exactly what’s beginning to happen now. They want, they’re angry. It’ll never be enough. Pandering has fuelled division, and permitted mental health to skyrocket. Not even the police are sure what to do anymore. And when you lose the law…..

As the majority begins to rise.. (( you may ask yourself, where have they all been? Well, you see, the majority is usually easy going. We generally take our stride at almost everything! Until it begins to encroach on our well being )). Most of us don’t care what you do in your bedroom, or how ridiculous your joke was (even if it was 10 years ago!), we get it – the old days had their quirks – but it’s history dude – removing statues – changing songs – ain’t gonna do jack! It’s our past, our reminder! You can’t erase everything, including your own smell of crap .. and pray your kind don’t get a whiff of it.

As I watched Chrystia Freeland profess after being blocked by protestors “This is the first time that people have touched me physically..” – it made me think of these things. Or Horgan and Trudeau trying to remind us of peaceful democracy. Hmm, just last week Liberals wanted to control our freedom of speech – fun. Trudeau has created this mess. Don’t you forget it. Everything the leftist has been doing is okay in their eyes; he enabled this, championed it – even his own crimes are still unpunished. Trudeau is a weak, globalist leader that’s been willing to bring down his whole country for votes and a UN seat. Hang on to your hats!