🐠 Wuhan Fish Market (2015)

Dear China, if this virus doesn’t kick your ass into gear to clean up open markets.. We’re all certain, the next one will be way worse!

Given their high tech, they have the smartest students in the world, and the massive business they do… It almost feels strange to think China is archaic in any way. I mean, we probably think it to a certain degree deep down – more so because of their political rule, but with the huge increase in social media popularity, this virus has shed a deep ugly spotlight their way, and I doubt it’s going away anytime soon.

With pictures circling around the web of a lady eating a bat, or a guy eating live mice… To ones I don’t even want to think about! 🤢 Although, The Observers have debunked many of the images and videos shared.

Coles notes: Chinese don’t eat bats normally! Most of those images were from either Palau or Indonesia.

Still though, bottom line, their open markets are busy and filthy. After they make it through this I can only hope their 1st priority is tighter regulations, and the government helps them clean up and practice better hygiene!