I didn’t watch the Oscars, despite that, you can’t miss all the snippets on the news and social media. It’s everywhere and bloody nauseating! I can’t even recall who won anything, but I definitely know who stunk for being woke.

I wish these people would just stop talking. I’m all for free speech, but when stars go so far as telling us how bad we are for drinking milk… It’s just too much.

I would like to think, the majority of us are level headed, we enjoy good discussions, and we are more accepting than even the so called leftist.

Actors helping the poor, seniors, or vets etc. That’s great. But when they start venturing into LA LA land, I just scream.. “Nooooo not him too”, and my whole awesome outlook on that person is gone. What a drag!

It’s safe to say, their selfish need to go off the rails has hurt the Oscars. Can’t they see that? The milk is blinding.

/end Rant

Just say thank you

If you need more info how the Oscars went, Piers Morgan was there, and he has a great knack with saying it how it is.