Shadow banned on twitter
  • Update (July 19th, 2020): Slowly showing up in the search again – not in Photos or Videos however.
  • Update (July 20th, 2020): Down again! This time I caught it. Looks like a double auto post.
  • Update (July 22nd, 2020): Up for all of an hour or so until auto posting caught up, leading to 5 headlines tweeting out – rapid tweeting? Down again. My auto poster has done that before and I never got a search ban. Since switching to videos, there are two sources that repeatedly double post same video lol, so I’m assuming I’m marked now (over sensitive). Both sources are now manually reviewed in hopes to stop their double posting. fyi: The search ban lasts 48 hours.
  • Update (July 25th, 2020): This one lasted longer, search results (except photos & videos) came back around noon. It’s been interesting!! – changes I’ve made: remove headline text incase there are negative words, and manually approving two sources that repeatedly DOUBLE post the same stuff. Also, because I follow TN, I noticed: no notifications of new posts, and TN was not always there when reviewing new timeline tweets. Although search is back, I did find something interesting, twitter weirdly skipped two recent articles. See for yourself! Images: Searching latest tweets | Looking at tweets on profile page. Hmmmmmm!
  • Update (July 27th, 2020): Search off again. Absolutely baffled on this one. My best guess, two different stories/videos, with different but a bit similar headline? That makes no sense though. I give up.
  • Update (Aug 11th, 2020): After a bunch of on/off bans, the last thing to try was to remove the hashtags. Bingo, we’ve been visible for days now! I think similar hastags used in multiple tweets was probably being marked as spam. Prior to changing our posts to mostly only videos, posts had various hashtags generated from the articles themselves.. these videos have none, so they were left with generic ones. I removed them. Hope our own troubles and going through them helps someone else.

It came to my attention today, ToryNow is shadow banned from twitter. Dammit. The sad thing is.. I don’t know how long, and if not for a friend I would never have known. lol

You hear of this everyday from mostly conservative people, but I’d never guess simply regurgitating news would get me there too.

Judging from twitters own activity log, there was a sharp decline in impressions since mid March. But how do I even get views at all if I’m subtly banned!? I have no clue if I got shadow banned, then unbanned, then banned again, over & over HA – but definitely views cut in half consistently since mid March. Even today as I write this – tiny views are still adding up but I am completely gone from the search, and aside from one new follower this month – I’ve had nothing since the month of February 2020 – when the very FIRST tweets started to roll out. In the beginning, it was quite positive 😁, afterall ToryNow is simply just another easy way to see conservative news in one spot – not a bad thing.

From what I’ve read it could be a plethora of issues. Some think it’s:

  • Negative language
  • Rapid tweeting
  • Engaging with too many non-followers
  • Copy/Pasting text/images over & over in replies

and people might get away with all that more so if they are a: blue checkmark, have an account older than a year, have many followers, or follow/followers ratio is high.

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