Amidst the blockades and seeing the inaction of the liberals; Canadians would be screwed if China didn’t go into lockdown
Let that sink in.

I’m not the only Canadian who felt the inaction of the Liberals over the Coronavirus was weak at best as well. Most vocal over the virus was writer Spencer Fernando back in January.

He summed up everything I was thinking at the time. Even though some may think it would have been over the top — I’ve said it in my last article — why risk it, if you don’t have to! Yet our Canadian Government pandered on.

Now officials are warning us that we must prepare for a pandemic. Even though media outlets are reporting that we should prepare — CBC anchors keep spinning it to Canadians like: “Even though officials are telling us to prepare for a pandemic, we are not there YET“. What the hell are they doing? For all the Canadians still stuck watching CBC, they are playing a silly game. They are giving their viewers information but stopping short at, it’s okay though – carry on. I get they don’t want to spread fear, but maybe some helpful advice would be good as well, personally I haven’t heard them “on-air” suggesting anything.

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