CBC’s love affair with Bernie Sanders
Even though I try my best not to show news from them – unless it’s neutral, or there’s no other articles on the topic. I admit – Sometimes, CBC plays in the background because they’re 24 hours. But I am fully aware they are bias – they lean to LEFT, and it’s no lie. I’d say our recent elections was a huge eyeopener on how bad they openly got. Which, honestly, that’s too bad. They do offer some good content, and they are always reporting — I hope so — given our PM paid them handsomely!

Anyways, while listening to them ramble on about US elections, I’ve noticed lately they’ve had a lot of “good” things to say about Bernie Sanders, and their guests, who equally think he’s doing great — to a point that could make one think he’s beating Trump. Maybe I hang out too much on the conservative side of news, but that’s not what I was reading.

So, sometimes I like looking at their top headlines just to see where they’re at.. or to see, maybe if I’m imagining it. LOL. Of course I have to pair it up with their latest Trump headlines too 😈 If I didn’t know any better, that Bernie — he sounds great — just like how they spin our PM to be. I guess all is fair in love and war — the conservative news can really rip apart the left — but the difference is they aren’t paid millions from our federal government. Each of us pay towards funding the CBC, yet they have been Trudeau’s largest advertising campaigners! It’s no wonder they’re losing money, losing sponsorship and cutting back on jobs. They sent their big-time liberal reporter Katie Simpson to cover Trump news (she also covered Andrew Scheer during the elections – IMHO she was a complete rude asshole, it was embarrassing — whilst their reporter following Trudeau seemed more fair).

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